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Fireproof December 26, 2008

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The movie, Fireproof, with Kirk Cameron, is an anatomy of a marriage that is in desperate need of help and  the Godly road to repair.fireproof

Sitting in the movie theater, I felt like I was watching my friends put on a play.  Once I got over the fact that the acting was second rate, I was caught up in the story.  It was a sweet experience to watch these people tell a story that they believed in.  Many times I have been inspired to love better or think deeper by actors who placed no values on those same things.  What a joy to see a film with that much integrity.  Kirk Cameron does a great job of drawing you into the story.

Fireproof  is highly recommended.


5 Responses to “Fireproof”

  1. roxanne Says:

    Hey, love your blog, so glad I found it, Fireproof is showing at the Rialto in Searcy this week, 2 dollars!! I plan on us going to see it, keep your finger crossed!

  2. amyadair Says:

    Glad you found it, too! Have fun at Fireproof. You cant’ beat the Rialto!

  3. shelia Says:

    Howdy Amy,

    I enjoy reading your bloggings.

    Have you heard about the movie titled “Not Easily Broken”? I think it will be in theaters on 1/9/09. Based on the preview I saw it looks like a movie kinda like “Fireproof”, about the interworkings of marriage from a Christian perspective.

    Have you ever heard of T. D. Jakes, he is a preacher in the Dallas, Texas area. I believe he is a producer of the movie or is in some way involved in getting the movie made.

    Just wanted to share

    shelia dove

  4. amyadair Says:

    Hi, Sheila!
    Sounds like a movie we will want to see. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you are enjoying the blog.

  5. dana Says:

    I really appreciate Kirk C. He has a program on the Trinity Channel. He tells the gospel in such an easy to understand way. I think we can learn from him how to share the good news without being so ‘scared to share’

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