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Thanks! January 23, 2009

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Randy Pausch in The Last Lecture says that gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.  …there are respectful, considerate things that can be done in life that will be appreciated by the recipient and that only good things can result.

There are few things where “only good things can result.”  Hand-written thank you notes are one of those good things.thankyouthankyou

I received a thank you note yesterday and the kind words still reverberate in my mind.  It will be a note that I keep and reread. 

What notes have you kept that are special to you?

What notes do you need to send? Who do you need to thank?


3 Responses to “Thanks!”

  1. Stephanie E. Says:

    Notes from my children when they were small! I’ve kept them all. And notes from my former students thanking me for the impact I’ve had on their lives. Both are important to keep. Later, when your teenagers seem to hate you for being so strict and ruining their lives, you can remember a time when you were their hero, when they were happy to express their love for you. And when a current student causes you grief, you can pull one of those notes of appreciation out and realize that you have done something right, that you are making a difference.

  2. dana Says:

    My most memorable note I ever received was from my mother, Helen Gray. The week after Mother passed, Karla and I were looking thru her trunk where she kept her personal memories:
    mine & my sister’s booties, handmade dresses, wedding pictures, ancient pictures of ancient people, etc. There was also one new box there I had never noticed. It contained cards, notes, and books that she had received from all of us over the years. One for each of us, from whomever she had gotten it, she had handwritten a note to that individual in return. From my older sister,& our husbands, down to the youngest grandchild, and the next-to-be grand daughter in law. In part, my note told me how proud she was of her “sweet” daughter and how much she loved me. Sometimes the written note can say so much more than the spoken word.

  3. Amy Says:

    What a treasure. How thoughtful of your mom to leave that for each of you. I do miss her. She was an amazing Christian woman.

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