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Love is not… February 4, 2009

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Rude.  In class Sunday morning, we talked about this little segment in I Cor. 13, “love is not rude,”.  What does it mean?  Love is not rude.lovering  

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary says rude implies ignorance of orlovering indifference to good form, it may suggest intentional discourtesy.

If love is not rude, then…

Love never turns a cold shoulder.  Love never replies with the intent to hurt feelings.  Love never refuses to look someone in the eye.  Love doesn’t ignore another person.  Love doesn’t roll her eyes.  Love doesn’t embarrass another person.  Love doesn’t interrupt.

Love seeks to honor the other person.  Love puts the other person at ease.  Love minds her manners.

Can you add to this list?


2 Responses to “Love is not…”

  1. Stephanie E. Says:

    Love never tries to make the other person feel “small” or “not enough.” It never exalts itself at another’s expense. Love doesn’t continually rehearse the mistakes of the past or let one mistake shape its total view of a person.

    Love looks forward. Love honors individuality. Love remembers the good times. It sometimes releases its own agenda. Love recognizes good intentions.

  2. Laura Says:

    Hasn’t this list already convicted me enough?? Why would I want to ADD more misery at what all I do that’s rude? 🙂

    Seriously, Amy, you come up with some tough things to think about! I need to post this somewhere to remind me what all I need to be watching about what I do and that’s just on one little part of what Love Is…not counting the rest of the passage. Yikes.

    Thanks for the reminders! (I think. Just kidding.)

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