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Forgiveness February 10, 2009

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holdinghandsCommunication is arguably one of the most important components of a healthy marriage.  Openness and transparency with our spouses nurtures a oneness that marks a vibrant marriage.

However, good communication is only part of a healthy marriage.  What we communicate is more important than that we communicate.  Unless we communicate forgiveness, our marriages will be stunted from the growth that is possible.

We need to offer our spouses continual forgiveness.  Jesus talks about this in Matthew 18:21ff.

21Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?” 22Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”

When your marriage is clothed in forgiveness, it will bring honor and glory to God.  Just as we live in a state of forgiven-ness, so should our spouses.

” … Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”  Luke 6:37

How can continual forgiveness affect a marriage?


The Joy of Believing Children February 9, 2009

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Friday night we went to the church surrounded by family and friends for Meredith’s baptism.  She’s been wanting to be baptized for years now and she finally decided that she would do it on her 12th birthday.  It was a beautiful evening.


Second Place Ribbon February 2, 2009

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mshowHalf of our spring and summer Saturdays were spent at horse shows last year. My 11 year old daughter, Meredith, competed in barrel racing, pole bending, barrel pick-up, and a few other classes.

She began accumulating so many ribbons, I found them in odd places around the house.

I figured if we were going to shows anyway, I might as well take my Walking Horse and show him in a couple of classes. Who wouldn’t want so many ribbons you’d lose track of them?

After a few shows, I finally placed! I was so excited. I couldn’t believe it.

I asked Meredith where to go pick up my ribbon. She pointed me to the table at the other end of the arena. I walked up to the table, tickled to death to get a ribbon. The lady looked puzzled and then slowly said, “Mam, those are just for the children but if you find out you are suppose to have one, come back and I’ll give it to you.”

I tried to look invisible as I went back to our trailer.

The ribbons I found on the couch or in the bathroom would have to do. Meredith would never miss one 2nd place ribbon.

Care to share an embarassing moment?


My Curse January 30, 2009

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0505_familycarThe other day as Meredith was heading out the door, I stopped her and reminded her to brush her hair. She confidently told me there would be one in the car. Of course…she would groom herself on the way to school.

I think my kids could live in the car. They can fix their hair, brush their teeth, read their Bibles, make a phone call, do their homework and probably eat a snack…. without leaving the car! Everything is there.

My family seems to think that my purse and my car serve the same function. They both end up as the catch-all for anything a child or teen doesn’t want to carry around or doesn’t need anymore.

For example, when gum is offered the resulting empty wrapper is dropped in the curse(car + purse = curse). If one needs a comb, just look around in the curse. It will be there. If your feet are hot and sweaty, take off those socks and drop them in the curse. They will be there the next time your toes are cold! Tired of the bracelet, hat, pencil, iPod? Leave it in the curse.

I understand. If someone borrows my car, they may as well borrow my purse. I may need that brush or extension cord that I keep in my car.

Do you have a curse? Anything interesting wind up there?


Guest Speaker January 26, 2009

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Making pies for Papa

Making pies for Papa

Wednesday night we are having a guest speaker in class.  My mom is coming to class to share her life and how she has served God in different ways as she has gone through the stages of her life.  She has been a stay-at-home mom, an educator, a successful business woman, and a persistent teacher of God’s word.

You will be inspired by her life and encouraged by her love.  She continues to spread the word of God through Bible studies with people here in Searcy and with people on the other side of the world.

Almost any day of the year, I might hear her say, “It’s just too pretty to be inside.  I think I will work in the yard for just a little while.”  Two, four, or six hours later, she’ll come inside, wipe the sweat from her face and declare, “I just lost track of time.”

I hope you can come to Highway Wednesday and get to know my wonderful, precious mother.


Swan Lake January 24, 2009

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Swan Lake 3

Originally uploaded by cole_yoakum

Magness Lake, north of Searcy, Arkansas, is a nesting ground for Trumpeter swans.

This photo was taken Jan 29th, 2007.

I am hoping to load up the family and go this weekend.

Have you been here?

For more information and directions click on this link:  Trumpeter Swans in Arkansas


Mothers January 17, 2009

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