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Forgetfulness January 19, 2009

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rootbeer2Root Beer.  I love root beer.  Mug Root Beer is my favorite.  There is hardly any restaurant that serves this drink.     

Several years ago, I was told to stay completely away from caffeine.  It contributed to my heart racing and heightened anxiety.  (so did three small children, but I was not told to stay away from them!)  Good bye, Dr. Pepper…hello, Mug.

Sunday I forgot that we were eating with some friends for lunch and I was suppose to bring vegetables, so I went through the KFC drive-thru, discovered and bought a Mug, and several large servings of veggies.  

As I was driving to lunch, I was thinking about the friends I had visited with at church and remembered a particularly fun exchange with a friend who is also trying to lose some weight.  We talked excitedly about our fitness regime for the week and calorie allowance that would bring substantial weight loss in one week. We were going to call each other if we had the urge to overeat and we would report our success the next Sunday.  

I took a sip of my Mug and it hit me…  There in my cup holder was a glass full of several hundred empty calories.  This drink had no place in my calorie-restricted week.  I had already failed and it wasn’t even noon.  Now what do I do with 24 oz. of sweet indulgence?!  This was suppose to be a week of severe discipline and steely focus.  

It took less than 20 minutes for me to lose my focus.  I simply forgot! 

Philippians 3 says, “…forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.”  Some things are so easily forgotten…keys, glasses, appointments, car lights, resolves of better eating habits, names of new acquaintances.  Some things are so difficult to forget…hurtful words, past failures, insults, arguments with family, sin.  

Paul encourages us to forget our failures and the wrongs that we have done and strain toward the prize that awaits us.  Our past can cloud our present to the point that we are ineffective in the kingdom.  We are a forgiven people.  We are given the example of Paul whose past could have haunted him his entire life, but Paul forgot the past and looked towards the future as a forgiven man.  We are told to do the same.  

As women who have been washed of all of our sins, let us forget what is behind and boldly face the future in His kingdom.  We are co-heirs with Jesus.  

Have you been able to forget what is behind?  Are you straining towards what is ahead?


Breakfast January 15, 2009

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cereali1My family has always loved cereal.  From the time my children were small, they have preferred cereal to just about any other food.  I always counted myself lucky that cereal was acceptable to them for any meal.  I figured each flake had been sprayed with a good dose of vitamins, so it was quite healthy for them.  Besides, they did a good deal of independent reading (backs of cereal boxes) while they ate.

One morning after Barrett had spent the night at my mom’s house, they were eating breakfast together.  Barrett was probably about 6 or 7 years old at the time.   Mom served him toast, fruit, eggs, and cereal with juice or milk to drink.  Barrett told her that this was the first time he had ever had cereal as PART of a healthy breakfast! (I knew he was reading those boxes!)

Cereal is king at our house.  We have cereal morning, noon, and night.  Woe to me if there is no cereal…or if all we have is Nutty Nuggets or All Bran (bought for the purpose of some cookie recipe).

I have spent a few mornings preparing muffins for breakfast so as to assuage my fear of hearing my children tell their yet-to-be-born children, “All WE ever had for breakfast was cereal.”  Sometimes the muffins are gobbled down and disappear before night fall.  Sometimes I hear the dreaded, “I’m really not that hungry.”  Ahhhh, but today…I made a full fledged take-to-a-potluck breakfast casserole.  I heard not one, “I’m not really hungry.”  What a joy!  

I now have visions of myself as the mom who gets up before the rooster and makes a large breakfast for her much-loved family.  I will shuffle around in my robe and house shoes, in the wee hours of the morning, to prepare a breakfast with all of the food groups represented. 

Dreams are sweet, but I bet I drop by the store today for a box.  Children need their vitamins, albeit, sprayed-on vitamins.

How do you answer the “What’s for breakfast?” question?


Take Care January 10, 2009

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Since 2008 turned into 2009, I’ve been irritated by the little bur in my head thatstethoscopetells me I need to have my annual exams.  I finally put “make appointments” on my calendar.  I have 3 appointments now for Jan/Feb to the gyno, the mammo, and the dermo.  It’s your turn!  

This is your reminder to make appointments with your doctors to have all of those annual exams.  Here’s what you do:

  • decide what check-ups you need
  • find the phone numbers now and put them in your phone ( I know it’s Saturday and nobody is there, but….)
  • set a reminder on your phone to ding on Monday morning
  • make those calls and get your appointments set up
  • do a little shopping afterward…

Encourage each other to take care!  We owe it to each other, to our families, and to all those women who are fighting for their lives.